Shellac Manicure CND/OPI/IBD 60MINS/RMB260
Shellac Pedicure CND/OPI/IBD 60MINS/RMB340
Presto Manicure60MINS/RMB360
Presto Pedicure60MINS/RMB440
SPA Manicure  40MINS/RMB140 

SPA Pedicure


Presto Nail Art Design I

Presto Nail Art Design II120MINS/RMB598
Tip Gel Nail 100MINS/RMB320(RMB50/per nail)
Gel Nail  110MINS/RMB360(RMB50/per nail)

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure (CND/OPI/IBD)
* It will save you polish removal fee (100RMB)


OPI Polish Only15MINS/RMB90
Shellac Polish Only  20MINS/RMB180
Cat Eye Polish Only20MINS/RMB230
Presto Polish Only  20MINS/RMB280
Shellac Remove Hands/Feet RMB 50/each service
Presto Remove Hands/Feet  RMB 70/each service
Remove Gel Nail 60MINS/RMB220 (RMB30/per nail)
Put Diamond On6MINS RMB50 per nail
Chain & Accessories on Consultation6MINS RMB50 per nail
Nail Design Painting6MINS RMB50 per nail
3D Art Painting   6MINS RMB50 per nail


LCN Deep Moisturizing Hand Treatment (including elbow)60MINS/RMB358
Through a process of deep cleaning, it removes dead skin layer promoting blood circulation. Contains collagen, plant essence, orchid extract, and varieties of vitamins. The process is nourishing but not greasy;it can revitalize the nails, restore elasticity, and improve the circulation of the cold hands and feet. An effective treatment for dryness of the hand,wrinkles,peeling skin,roughncss,flecks,and itchy swollen hand.

LCN Deep Moisturizing Feet Treatment (including knee)60MINS/RMB498
Includes special anti-bacterial formula preventing fungal foot infections; soothing the skin of the foot by using several natural essential oils which contains asters essence, vitamin B, and witch hazel. A variety of products together help to enhance metabolism, relaxing, reducing stress and muscle soreness, and also includes anti-oxidation effects.

Hand Exfoliating 15MINS/RMB90
Paraffin Hand Treatment 15MINS/RMB90
Feet Exfoliating 15MINS/RMB 110
Paraffin Feet Treatment20MINS/RMB110
LCN Feet Callus Care15MINS/RMB100


* Manicure/Pedicure serivces include shape – cuticle cutting – hand or leg masssage – coloring or polishing.

* Children under 10 years old may enjoy 50℅ off